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A Word From President

Allow me to illustrate. When we sell you something as simple as a fryer, you not only receive one of the best quality fryers in the market, you also receive the Raqtan brand of commitment. It’s a commitment that assures you a quality product and a service that will not allow a breakdown in your operation. In fact it’s more than a philosophy it’s a promise. The kind that has earned Raqtan a unique reputation. Over the years, we have been known to ‘go the extra mile’ to deliver solutions to our clients’ problems, to improve efficiency and time management. All these are as much at the heart and soul of your business operation as they are at ours. Naturally, this cannot be accomplished without the right people. And we pride ourselves on the fact that we have the best crew on board. They are people who share our vision and understand the value of real service both before and after sales.


A.Aziz Raqtan

Raqtan's Engineering Team is highly trained in state of the art computer aided design programs. Our broad experience in the foodservice industry allows us to achieve the highest level of development in kitchen design and long term efficiency for the user."
Raqtan has been supplying the Food Service Industry in the Gulf with equipment and solutions for over 20 years. Including everything you could imagine from refrigeration to bakery line, coffee to industrial sized ovens; with Raqtan, you have access to the most dependable brands and services in the world. You also have easy access to our experienced, helpful personnel, who specialize in building custom kitchens to meet your needs.
Raqtan employs a large team of dedicated service technicians to provide the excellent service to our customers. All technicians undertake regular manufacturer and in-house training and are qualified to service all kitchen equipment.
The kitchen is often referred to as the heart-of-the-house and a well-designed kitchen, with the proper cooking platform can make you money by saving you money. An efficient kitchen is built from the ground up, when Raqtan’s Kitchen Consulting Team designs a kitchen, they take into consideration everything from the menu to the energy resources available. Each application is studied and all other elements of the facility are put into the design to ensure that the operation is seam.
The best part of Raqtan Food Service Company is that we offer all kitchen related services under one-roof.

Who We Are?

Starting with just two employees, A. A. Raqtan expanded the business to become a multi-regional company with a workforce of over one hundred eighty staff under its wing.

Since its inception in 1976, Raqtan has grown into a leading supplier of Commercial Kitchen Equipment in the region. Keeping up with the constantly evolving nature of this business, Raqtan has been able to meet the increasing needs and demands of the Food Service Industry clients, supply innovative solutions and reach new levels of growth each year. At Raqtan we pride ourselves in supplying state-of-the-art designed kitchens and food service equipment to a wide client base. So whether yours is a major fast food outlet or fine dining establishment, hospital or hotel, coffee shop or cafeteria, at Raqtan we have the equipment, know-how and personnel committed to designing and delivering a kitchen solution that works for you.

Because we do it all, End to end. We just don’t subcontract our fabrication or cold/freezer works. We build them in our factories.
Our clients are too important to delegate them to others.

Full Projects (2013/2014)

  • 289 Café’s & Pastries Outlets
  • 89 Quick Service Restaurants
  • 38 Casual and Fine Dining Outlets
  • 8 3Star Hotels
  • 4 5star Hotels
  • 3 Universities
  • 2 Hospitals

Our Strategy

As a total solution provider, RAQTAN Food Service Company is among the top organizations in the Region. We cater to our customers’ needs, not only to secure their business, but to ensure that our clients are the success stories of tomorrow and in the years to come.